The Pathogen Box will contain ~400 diverse, drug-like molecules active against neglected diseases and will be available free of charge at the end of 2015. Upon request, researchers around the world will receive a Pathogen Box of molecules to help catalyse neglected disease drug discovery. In return, researchers are asked to share any data generated in the public domain within 2 years, creating an open and collaborative forum for neglected diseases drug research.

The Pathogen Box is modelled on Medicines for Malaria Venture's (MMV's) Malaria Box project, launched in 2011. Research on the Malaria Box has already led to new, independently funded drug discovery projects as well as multiple scientific publications. Based on this success, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) awarded MMV a grant to lead the assembly and distribution of the Pathogen Box.

Help us make the Pathogen Box a valuable resource for neglected disease research

If you have expertise in drug discovery for neglected diseases, please send us your ideas and suggestions. Specifically, we welcome input on:
  • Details, including structures, of potential drug-like chemical scaffolds with activity against any of the pathogens listed for inclusion in the Pathogen Box.
  • The preferred format for distribution of the plates (the current suggestion is 10mM solution in dimethyl sulfoxide, dispensed in 96-well plates).
To ensure that the best compounds are included a committee of leading drug discovery experts from public-private partnerships, industry and academia will decide the final composition of the Pathogen Box. Following the launch, this website will include details of the in vitro and in vivo drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) properties of each compound, to help research get off to a good start.

All submissions or suggestions will be confidential until the final launch of the Pathogen Box and will be acknowledged.

Please contact us with your ideas by 30 June 2014, when the final selection of Pathogen Box compounds will be made.