The Pathogen Box

Catalysing neglected disease drug discovery


The assembly and distribution of the Pathogen Box has only been possible due to the amazing team effort and contributions of the following people:

Pathogen Box Team

The Pathogen Box team, based at MMV, coordinates all the scientific and logistical activities associated with the assembly, screening and distribution of the Pathogen Box. The team is available to provide scientific advice and feedback to teams. Please feel free to contact us.

Selection Committee

The selection committee, made up of leading Medicinal Chemists from industry, academia and product development partnerships (PDPs) contributed their expertise and experience to select compounds for inclusion in the Pathogen Box.

Partners & contributors

MMV is very grateful to all partners and contributors who suggested compounds for inclusion in the Pathogen Box and who generously agreed to test compounds to confirm their biological activity and properties. The project also benefited greatly from disease experts who provided valuable advice and expertise on the selection of compounds and the interpretation of screening data.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) team has worked in partnership with the Pathogen Box team, providing valuable advice and facilitating the process of obtaining compounds to include in the Box.